haTke creative



We create characters, worlds they inhabit & stories they live. Feel free to poke around. These are all projects in one stage of development or another. Shout out if you like them or want to help fast track any ::)



An alien primate drops in from a giant mothership and rides a “balls out” monster wave…


Vanilla Pudding

This is a story about a crazy little girl dealing with pubescent tensions and insecurities as she navigates a fantasy world of her own nightmares.



In a world... where the truly bold put their balls on the line every day - Scabby Monkeys are here to remind us that every bad ass has their day where not everything goes according to plan



A cast of barbaric berries, influenced by garden additives role play as if they were barbarians from another time. Leon, a delusional leader manages to rally his friends to embark on a quest across the garden and lay siege to the GMOs invading from beyond the predestine legume pastures, sleep-bean forest and Mrs. Davidson's 3rd grade plot of the unknown .


IceCream Science

IceCream Science! is based on real scientific principles, with Violet Ray and her creations acting out how scientific inquiry works.

<< Krushmob >>

A love story based on a series of Valentines Day cards an 8 year old created for his 3rd grade classmates.



Tom & Jerry meet Spy vs Spy & The Itchy & Scratchy Show

The show features two ball boys, Beven and Doyle who are constantly warring against each other, and coming up with increasingly sophisticated ways of doing away with the other or ending up in a foiled mess.