haTke creative

Samsung VR

Samsung | World Dev

Agency: Weiden + Kennedy (Lodge + Motion)

Art Direction: Nicholas Weigel

Content EP: Saira WM

Working with W+K to provide upfront creative exploration for a Samsung VR project.  R&D, and prototyping design.  The brief was to create a playful, surreal landscape. They had ideas like a kitty cannon and a jellyfish making a peanut butter sandwich. We expanded on that list. Below you can see my initial sketches above was the final matte painting collaboration with Josh Viers.

Concept Design & Realtime Asset Creation…


Interaction concept | Kitty Canon

The canon walks up from over the hill in front of you. A small kitten in a Nascar-daredevil-like jumpsuit is hanging out of the top waving. She drops the visor on her helmet and jumps inside. She pops her head out of the barrel and gives you the thumbs up. At This point our our UI will indicate that you’ll gaze at the wick to light it and launch Kitty. Once you do that Kitty slides back into the barrel. Moments later, the cannon fires with a powerful boom, bright, colorful smoke and sparks. Kitty launches back into the landscape towards a domino with a giant bullseye on it. She smashes into the domino which causes the giant structure to fall. It leans and smashes into the next, and into the next, causing the chain reaction. We see the dominos fall in the distance, circling up the mountain face and out towards a cliff. The last domino falls into a giant net suspended by fantastic flying machines. They fly away with their prized domino piece. Kitty’s cannon walks out of scene the same way it came in but on auto pilot.


360 Environment design concept…

360 Environment WIP…