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Beeline - Live on the Brightside

Hello to the team at Contrapunt/BBDO!

I am excited to be considered for this campaign! Beeline is an iconic brand and the references in the Agency deck are lovely. My team at !haTke! and I would be thrilled to show you how we can make a spot like this very cool! We have assembled a few reels below to show you the quality of our work and what we as "!haTke!" can bring to the table to create this animated film.


Initial Thoughts

Beeline has a distinct palette with the contrasting yellow and black stripes. When looking into work done for the brand in the past - I was happy to see a wide range of exploration - this give us much to work with.  From various shapes and canvases to sophisticated color schemes that retain the clarity of the brand.  The use of the iconic stripes and colors has had many clever manifestations. I can imagine how this will be used in this spot. 

Style / Design / Performance : Mixing Live Action with Animation would work well for this story.  A Child actor can bring joy, warmth and an emotional connection to the audience.  The Lizards and extra characters (i.e. the fish) can be very realistic, but also "designed" to accentuate the characteristics that will make the story feel "real" and at teh sam time fun to watch.  I mention this, because to me those creatures also need to feel bright, whimsical and friendly, not just realistic if they are to be compelling. We love the start you've made with casting the lizards on page 7 & 8.

These are spots Nicholas has directed. The terminix spots were CG supervised by a member of our collective

Nicholas was the Animation Director on this spot  Coke's Happiness Factory The Movie and World of Coke

Who are the Artists at !haTke! We are a group of digital artists with a long history in creating stunning animated visuals for advertising and film. We rally around brands and projects that aim to create unique worlds and memorable characters. Our designers and collaborators have helmed directorial or lead roles on a range of character driven short and feature films.      

Next steps? Let's have a call and say Hi!

We look forward to discussing your creative goals and hearing your thoughts and maybe we'll set a new and exciting course together!

Sincerely, Nicholas Weigel and the artists from the !haTke! collective.