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We are excited to be considered for this campaign! The concept in the storyboard looks clean and simple. Its a great starting point to develop a style that will be quite beautiful. My team at !haTke! and I would be interested to show you how we can elegantly transform a CG Asprin into an emotional character vignette. We can nail a "miniature stage" feeling seen in the references. Tactile and real, while also giving us freedom in the camera to compose tight shots in the telling of the story.

Who are the Artists at !haTke! We are designer-storytellers... as well as a group of digital artists with a long history in creating stunning animated visuals for advertising and film. We rally around brands and projects that aim to create unique worlds and memorable characters for their clients. Our designers and collaborators have helmed directorial or lead roles on a range of character driven shorts and feature films. We organically cast the team of artists to match the creative goals of the projects we take on.      

We have assembled a character reel below to show you the quality of our work and what we as "!haTke!" can bring to the table to create these animated films.


We aim to design, direct and bring to life - memorable characters that stand out with charm and style :)

Next steps? Let's have a call and say Hi!

We look forward to discussing your creative goals and hearing your thoughts. Let's set a new and exciting course together and make some great spots everyone can be proud of!


 the artists from !haTke! Creative.